If there is one thing that defines Alaska apart from it’s wilderness, it is it’s magnificent glaciers.“…..JPB

To think that this awesome structure is in constant motion, and has been so for a long, long time with the leading section dying and falling into the sea forming small icebergs,

Hearing and seeing a glacier calve (a large piece of ice breaking away from the leading edge) is an experience I will never forget. There was this almighty roar and as I spun around, I witnessed this large chunk of ice slide into the water and I was lucky enough to capture the above image.

The above image depicts how the ice collects soil and rock and other debris as it slides down the mountain on it’s journey to the sea. One can just imagine that as the ice melts on contact with the water it could reveal the skeletons, tools and weapons of a bygone era. The seabed of the inside passage could make an ideal place to explore, if it hasn’t already been done.

This final image is of the leading edge of an Alaskan Glacier. It would make a fitting ingredient to an exotic cocktail at the Royal Hawaiian, in Honolulu.

I used an Apple SE phone and a Canon G Series camera, both ancient in modern terms but sufficed.

My wife and I travelled the Inside Passage between British Columbia and Alaska on the Crown Princess


Jimmy Bee

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