This photograph of a sunrise was taken by the author at Cleveland, Qld., Australia.


Each day is born with a sunrise

and ends in a sunset, the same way we

open our eyes to see the light, 

and close them to hear the dark.

You have no control over

how your story begins or ends.

But by now, you should know that

all things have an ending.

Every spark returns to darkness.

Every sound returns to silence.

And every flower returns to sleep

with the earth.

The journey of the sun

and moon is predictable.

But yours, 

is your ultimate


― Suzy Kassem

As presented by GOODREADS.
This photograph was taken at Cleveland, Qld. at sunset by the author.

If you did nothing else but photograph each awesome sunrise and sunset you would feel fulfilled, and more so if it is in a new location.

Enjoy every day as it comes and try to make the most of it, for better or for worse there is a lesson to be learn’t. Try to be enthusiastic and remember the greatest gift given to all of us is laughter. Do something to make a colleague or friend laugh and you will have a good day.


Jimmy Bee

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