Seattle, Washington State, U.S.A.

Seattle Space needle photographed by author.

The space needle was built in the Seattle Centre for the 1962 World’s Fair. It is a significant structure and is a landmark of the Pacific North West.

Some interesting statistics: Height: 184 m; Width: 42 m; Weight: 8660 tons; Wind Resistance: 320 km/h; Earthquake Resistance: 9.0 magnitude. It has 25 lightning rods.

There is a 160 m observation deck with a revolving restaurant and yes, they do have elevators which travel at 16 km/h and reach the top in 41 seconds.

Seattle CBD photographed by th author.

A birds-eye view of the Seattle CBD taken from atop the Space Needle. The snow covered mountain in the top right corner is Mt. Rainier, which is south/southeast of Seattle. Mt. Rainier has an elevation of 4,392 m. It is volcanic, active and considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanos in the world due to it’s having a large amount of glaciel ice. An eruption could cause lahars (Massive mudflows) which could threaten 80,000 people and their homes living in the valley.

The above two photographs were also taken atop the Space Needle.

I took the above photograph of the spider on an adjacent building from the observation deck.

A lovely view of Seattle on a magnificent day. A photographer’s dream.

All of the above photographs were taken by the author.

Until next time.

Jimmy Bee,

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