“Ritual cuts through and operates on everything besides the “head” level….Aiden Kelly

Turtles makin little turtles in Moreton Bay, Qld.

The animal kingdom completely ignores humans in the wild. We’re in their territory and they will go about their business where and whenever they like showing not the slightest inhibition what so ever. When the time’s right it just happens. After all, the species must continue.

2 turtles mating off Southern end of Macleay Island, Qld.

I felt quite the voyeur when witnessing the mating antics of these two turtles whilst kayaking off Macleay Island , even though I was the interloper.

Mating turtles in soft focus

This was no quick affair as the ritual went on for some time and I’d wager that the male would have been completely knackered by the time it was over and probably rolled onto his back and went to sleep!

This image bis courtesy of Unsplash free photographs

I have included the above photograph merely to indicate the size of the turtles I photographed in action. They are majestic creatures which unfortunately fall prey not only to nature but also to boat propellers passing above them.

“Despite being protected, dugongs and marine turtles can be legally hunted by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people under section 211 of the Native Title Act 1993, which operates to protect the rights of Indigenous peoples with a native title right to hunt, gather, collect and fish or conduct a cultural or spiritual activity. The traditional or subsistence hunting of dugongs and turtles plays an important social and cultural role for coastal aborigines in many parts of northern Australia and the meat provides a source of protein for these communities.” For further reference see link below – https://kb.rspca.org.au/knowledge-base/is-it-legal-to-hunt-protected-species-such-as-marine-turtles-and-dugongs/

C’est la vie,

Jimmy Bee

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